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Daria Vinarskaya is a contemporary impressionist painter who explores human vulnerability through naked bodies. Her artistic style is defined by her polyamorous and feminist identity. 


Daria challenges the status quo where a naked female body is exploited to portray human vulnerability. Capturing mail nudity in everyday routine she peeks behind the gender stigmas in order to shift perception of sensuality from femininity to masculinity. 


Exposing delicate inner worlds full of emotions, worries, and insecurities she nudges her audience towards understanding that in the end human vulnerability doesn’t have a gender.

Biography Daria Vinarskaya is a contemporary impressionist artist. Born in Russia (Yekaterinburg) in 1989. In 2013 she graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute, during her studies she exhibited at the Les Gallery (Moscow, Rus). Since 2016, she has also been an Israeli citizen. Before the start of the war with Ukraine (February 24, 2022), she worked as an architect in her own studio “STEH” (2020-2022) in the private segment of architecture and interior design. In early March 2022, she left Russia and began her career as an artist. Practice: 2009-2020 - architectural design/ interior design and private buildings 2020-2022 - own architectural studio 2022 - featured as an artist at Saatchi Art - featured as an artist at Kaleido Art - featured at collective online exhibition “PLETHORA” by The Holy Art Gallery (London) - short list of collective exhibition “OMEGA” by The Holy Art Gallery (Athens) - short list of collective online exhibition “NOWADAYS” by Florence Contemporary Gallery (Florence) - selected to receive a one year funded Associates membership on behalf of Castlefield Gallery and the Howarth Trust (Manchester) - certificate of being participated in the 2022 Art Vue Foundation’s yearly prize competition. 2023 - selected for the Inspirational Women Artists exhibition (8th March - 14 April 2023) - selected for Berkeley Art Center’s 2023 Annual Juried Members’ Exhibition, curated by Hoi Leung Publications: 2022.11.27 - “Cucumber Mag”, digital edition, the article “Daria Vinarskaya: naked body and human vulnerability” 2022.12.26 - “Underground”, digital edition, the article “BODY BAN by Daria Vinarskaya: Challenging the male gaze and the objectification of women in art” 2023.03.31 - “The Purposeful Mayonnaise”, digital edition, heading “The Bagel Hole” 2023.05.01 - “Global Art Times”, May 2023

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